Las Vegas-style entertainment

So I’ve always heard that Las Vegas was known for having something for everybody. Harley Davidson-brand pedicures? Check. A shadow-puppet show featuring the songs of Hugo Chavez? Check. Guys who wear blue face paint and speak in pig latin? I’m telling you, it’s all here.
One example, though, I found kinda gross. Frankly.
I get off the plane yesterday, and there’s this poster with a bunch of half-naked guys on it — “The Thunder from Down Under.” It’s a troupe of — and I’m not making this up — lactose-intolerant Australian male strippers.
I don’t like to judge but that’s just weird.

1 comment for “Las Vegas-style entertainment

  1. Itto Ogami
    March 10, 2008 at 3:16 am

    as part of the lactose intolerantsia, if not the male stripperamia, it’s about time our voice and passions are being showcased.
    plus, this perpetuates my long standing anti-cow’s milk stance. hey, wake up, we’re not meant to drink it!

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